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Twin Atlantic – GLA

Twin Atlantic – GLA


Twin Atlantic – GLA

A belter of a rock record – fun and full of surprises.

Label: Red Bull Records
Released: 9th September 2016

Rating: ★★★★

‘GLA’, a homage to Twin Atlantic’s home, doesn’t muck around. At all. From the opening seconds of snarling thesaurus ‘Gold Elephant Cherry Alligator’, the foursome are cutting ties from their hunt for the perfect songs on ‘Great Divide’ and going wherever the hell the journey takes them.

This began as a toss-up between two sets of rough recordings: ones that sounded like Twin, or ones that sound like a new, interesting thing. They opted for the latter, and they’ve ended up with one hell of a result. ‘No Sleep’ is a headbanger about, well, not getting any sleep (and an added cause of this phenomenon if played at the right time), while ‘Overthinking’ equally hits the nail on the head content-wise. ‘You Are the Devil’ is sharp, ‘Whispers’ is a soaring epic, and the swagger of ‘I Am Alive’ is going to be a welcome addition to their sweaty sets. ‘Mother Tongue’ strips it back to say farewell with a bit a look at home and identity: the unsurprising case study? Glasgow.

It seems odd to say a band could and perhaps should need to be reinvigorated after the astronomic heights of ‘Great Divide’, but that album got them so wrapped up in doing it ‘right’ that something needed to be shaken up for them to go forward at full speed. Hit reset. Scrap preconceived notions. Start from scratch.

When they shifted their focus from being perfect, Twin Atlantic instead found a way to strip the polish but make something far, far better. It’s a belter of a rock record – fun and full of surprises. With edges ragged, it’s an era of the band that cuts the crap and simply has a good time. Heather McDaid

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