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The Tuts – Update Your Brain

The Tuts – Update Your Brain


The Tuts – Update Your Brain

An album of blinding pop gems, with punk at its heart.

Label: Self-Released
Released: 9th September 2016

Rating: ★★★★

The Tuts have already assumed a cult following before the release of their debut record, with an unremitting DIY ethos that’s at the core of their ‘-ism driven pop punk. ‘Update Your Brain’ is an ample and worthy debut because it doesn’t steal all the excitement and anticipation for what’s to come. It’s a socio-political album, but it’s not explicit about it; the everyday life-isms are relatable and exhibited as pure pop archetypes.

The songs may be blinding pop gems, but it’s also obvious that punk is at the heart, not just as an ethos, but musically too. Their melodic poppy punk akin to Muncie Girls and Martha, is like a breath of fresh air when fused with influences of ska and surf that show the trio aren’t here to fit into any sort of niche. ‘Always The Same Shit’ is like an early AM record with its epic concise riffs and assertive vocals from singer/guitarist Nadia Javed. The Tuts have a knack for writing killer hooks, but most importantly lyrics to go with them that are snappy and relevant enough to tap into your conscious, and well, update your brain. Jasleen Dhindsa

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