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TTNG – Disappointment Island

TTNG – Disappointment Island


TTNG – Disappointment Island

Effecting, powerful and deeply emotional.

Label: Sargent House
Released: 8th July 2016

Rating: ★★★★

We see you TTNG. We know exactly what you’re doing with ‘Disappointment Island’. And from the opening shimmy of ‘Coconut Crab’, so do they. Taking their slanted, off-kilter musicianship and laying it down as a foundation for heartfelt conversations about life, death, everything inbetween and some of the stuff below, the band aren’t being weird for the sake of it.

Instead the contrast between the buoyant, ever-changing instrumentals and the static prison of the lyrics provides a constantly surprising landscape that asks far more questions than ‘what time signature is this?’

‘Consoling Ghosts’ flicks through old photo albums, still wondering, while ‘There’s No I In Time’ sits with head in hands, uncertain but mournful. Elsewhere ‘Sponkulus Nodge’ (don’t ask) takes a deep breath and finds a space and a reason as ‘Bliss Quest’ carries on with a steely resolve.

Effecting, powerful and deeply emotional, TTNG have placed a bloody, beating heart within their technical prowess and the resulting creation is a sight to behold. Disappointment Island? This record couldn’t be further from it. Ali Shutler

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