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Tiny Moving Parts – Celebrate

Tiny Moving Parts – Celebrate


Tiny Moving Parts – Celebrate

‘Celebrate’ is a statement of intent.

Label: Big Scary Monsters
Released: 20th May 2016

Rating: ★★★★

Sometimes, bands are really unpredictable. It would have been easy for Benson, Minnesota’s Tiny Moving Parts to make another wistful math-emo record. The precedent set on 2013’s much-loved ‘This Couch Is Long and Full of Friendship’ would have undoubtedly worked again. However, on their third record, they have truly gone all out.

‘Celebrate’ is relentless, obnoxiously so, with every song a potential single. From the huge guitars and opening chant of “Nothing’s ever good enough!” it sounds full, no longer hanging on an intricate guitar line and awkward teenage poetry.

The first single from the album, ‘Happy Birthday’, is upbeat, melodic and will appeal to fans of Modern Baseball and The Hotelier. It explores different textures and dynamics, with strings and dual vocals placed alongside the darker, more fragile guitars of past records spilling over into ‘Birdhouse’.

The real difference is that they appear to have added ‘putting massive hooks in every song’ to their bow, and have embraced a more pop-punk sound in tracks such as ‘Common Cold’, with its Dikembe-influenced vocals, and ‘Stay Warm’. When “I just wanna be remembered / like the weather” kicks in, it would be hard to find anyone not willing to yell it back. Sure, at times it is a little over-earnest, with the occasional clumsy lyric, but that is entirely forgivable when the positivity is this tangible and genuine.

‘Celebrate’ is a statement of intent; the record Tiny Moving Parts were destined to make, written to be sung back by thousands of people. This move towards a poppier, more sharply executed sound is going to see exactly that, and as a result, the technical ability of this band has become the least interesting thing about them. Now, the songs speak for themselves. Kristy Diaz

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