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Taking Back Sunday – Tidal Wave

Taking Back Sunday – Tidal Wave


Taking Back Sunday – Tidal Wave

‘Tidal Wave’ definitely is full of pleasant surprises.

Label: Hopeless Records
Released: 16th September 2016

Rating: ★★★

Surprise. That’s one word for when the title-track of Taking Back Sunday’s new album dropped with a dose of pitch perfect Americana. It was good, but it wasn’t what people necessarily saw coming – but that’s emblematic of ‘Tidal Wave’: expect the unexpected. 

There’s a marked change for album seven; the choice to take a leap into something new or stay on the same path, and they chose to evolve. Adam Lazzara himself notes that the best thing about the first single is that it sounds like no other song on the album. And he’s right.
’Tidal Wave’ is a big mix of songs and sounds you may recognise, but not necessarily from the same people. ‘Death Wolf’ cranks a little more attitude with their penchant for a big chorus, where ‘Homecoming’ is a glorious acoustic with their Southern drawl and ‘Call Come Running’ is the level of infectious that it jams itself in your head and refuses to move. At all.

It’s taken a while but finally they’ve hit three albums together with a steady line-up, and it’s been a springboard to new things. What they do, they do well, though it can be a bit of a culture shock at times. Taking Back Sunday is in there somewhere, but it can take a bit more digging to find them in every song, but give it time and ‘Tidal Wave’ definitely is full of pleasant surprises. Heather McDaid

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