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Summer Cannibals – Full Of It

Summer Cannibals – Full Of It


Summer Cannibals – Full Of It

An energy that shows no signs of stopping.

Label: Kill Rock Stars
Released: 27th May 2016

Rating: ★★★★

Feisty, frantic and fun: Summer Cannibals’ ‘Full Of It’ is short and brilliantly formed. Fronted by cool as anything powerhouse Jessica Boudreaux, they might be following in the footsteps of Kill Rock Stars label mates Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney, but they’re treading their own path.

From the immediate impact of ‘Go Home’ to the brooding, building ‘Just A Little Bit’, the band want to be noticed. ‘I Wanna Believe’ has the gnarling, skulking sound of 90s riot grrrls and strong, simple chords that make resisting a little mosh nigh on impossible; a juxtaposition from the powdery vocals of ‘Say My Name’.

Given their namesake is a Patti Smith song, the rock’n’roll sound isn’t surprising. Summer Cannibals are continuing to make bold, driven rock music in a whitewash of sub genres and over-complicated production.

‘Full Of It’ charges from start to finish, while ‘The Lover’ takes its time berating a love interest, all spitting vocals and moody guitars. Drawing on punk sounds, ‘Make Up’’s thrashing drums and racing riffs pave the way for accusative lyrics and an energy that shows no signs of stopping, until the grunge and darkness of ‘Fallen’.

Summer Cannibals’ fuss free songwriting and old school sound have already won over plenty of fans, and ‘Full Of It’ will be no different. Kathryn Black

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