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So Pitted – neo

So Pitted – neo


So Pitted – neo

Part debut album, part audio assault.

Label: Sub Pop Records
Released: 19th February 2016

Rating: ★★★★

First things first, So Pitted know how to make an almighty din. Which is good. Swapping instruments, switching positions, throwing a guitar through a base amp – the confines of volume or form don’t apply to this three piece. Nor should they.

‘Pay Attention To Me’ does exactly what it says on the tin, battering on the sheet metal walls like a trapped lioness hungry for blood. ‘I’m Not Over It’ starts with slow strums of feedback before speeding into a thundering march then free-spirited madness – all as loud as possible. So Pitted aren’t the shy and retiring types. In your face, through your ear drums, ‘neo’ is part debut album, part audio assault. Stephen Ackroyd

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