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Skating Polly – The Big Fit

Skating Polly – The Big Fit


Skating Polly – The Big Fit

Snarly, snarky, sweet and distortedly infectious all at once.

Label: Chap Stereo
Released: 8th April 2016

Rating: ★★★★

Two is the magic number of late when it comes to bands. But while there’s many singing-guitar-player-and-drummer combos, that formula is becoming almost tried and tested to the point it’s nothing new. Luckily, Skating Polly do not care for the formula.

Their first UK release pushes any comparisons to other duos that are currently running in these circles off the table. They’ve got jagged pop, massive melody, key-driven storytelling and just downright anarchy on ‘The Big Fit’, meaning that there’s little room to sit and get comfortable.

The album’s got an attitude oozing from it that the faux snark of many a rock band could barely attempt, all the while able to return to cleaner-cut sounds that lure you, albeit temporarily, into a relaxing place. And with a whoosh, you’re off again, to the next instrumental mix, the next shot of energy.

‘Oddie Moore’ is unruly but real, ‘Cosmetic Skull’ is candy sweet with a theatrical edge, and ‘For the View’ gradually amps up before launching into a shrieking onslaught. ‘Picker of His Words’ is a calm farewell, a moment to relax before you inevitably hit play and jump straight back in. You might feel like you’re being shouted at, but they’re shouting something you want to listen to and get to grips with. ‘The Big Fit’ is snarly, snarky, sweet and distortedly infectious all at once, and Skating Polly are a breath of fresh air. Heather McDaid

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