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Seaway – Colour Blind

Seaway – Colour Blind


Seaway – Colour Blind

Seaway’s most promising offering to date.

Label: Pure Noise Records
Released: 30th October 2015

Rating: ★★★★

Bridging the gap between their full-length debut and most recent EP, ‘All In My Head’, throughout the recording process for ‘Colour Blind’ Seaway insisted they wanted to adopt a “fun and playful feel” while writing the album, and in essence that’s exactly what’s offered. It’s pop-punk in its purest of forms.

In ‘Slam’, the five-piece build on their signature storytelling, brushing off the chip-on-the-shoulder attitude that featured in their previous material. Instead, songs are fresher; more up beat and put an optimistic spin on even the most pessimistic of problems. Take, ‘Best Mistake’ for instance.

Lead single, ‘Freak’ sees the group develop instrumentally. Whether it’s tangled riffs, kicking snares, or contagions melodies, songs are bigger, bolder and packed with punch. “So maybe I’m a freak and nobody knows my name, and nobody knows gets that strange to me is ordinary,” chants Ryan Locke, giving a nod to fellow Pure Noise Records alumni Four Year Strong and State Champs.

In many ways Seaway are still finding their footing. ‘Hoser’ and more recently ‘All In My Head’ allowed them to test the water; but it’s going to be ‘Colour Blind’ that takes them on to greater things. That means bigger crowds, larger venues and a hearty amount of circle pits. You best get those Vans clean and polished. Emma Matthews

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