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Rory Indiana – Ruling Class Crooks

Rory Indiana – Ruling Class Crooks


Rory Indiana – Ruling Class Crooks

A step up from the band’s debut.

Label: Self-released
Released: 25th March 2016

Rating: ★★★★

In many ways ‘Ruling Class Crooks’ is a step up from Rory Indiana’s debut, ‘Empiricism’. It’s sharper, diverse and offers more than the immense riffs the band have become known for.

The title track sets the offering’s high-frenzy atmosphere within seconds. An element that remained key to the band during the recording process: “It’s energy driven from start to finish.” Packed with fierce snares and snappy vocals, “Haven’t we played war? I lost my head in the game,” it delivers the same spitfire, unruliness the Brighton rockers convey in their live shows. Pit ready, of course.

‘Burnout Behaviour’ and lead single ‘Leave Me’ turn the blaze of anger down just a notch. The odes to broken down relationships are still littered in tonged-in-cheek aggression. Take the lyrics, “Give up your guns, you don’t need them anymore” for instance. Yet at the same time, they tease a sense of swagger with massive chorus breakdowns that see vocals soar to staggering heights.

With the band labelling the release as “a milestone for our brotherhood”, it’s easy to see why they’re so proud. It’s their most solid EP to date and an offering that will, no doubt, make these next few months their most memorable yet. Emma Matthews

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