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Rob Lynch – Baby I’m A Runaway

Rob Lynch – Baby I’m A Runaway


Rob Lynch – Baby I’m A Runaway

Likeable guitar pop at its best.

Label: Xtra Mile Recordings
Released: 22nd July 2016

Rating: ★★★★

Maintaining the charm of a singer-songwriter alongside the fuller sound of a full band, Rob Lynch has made an album that feels a bit like one of your friends has written it, but done a really, really good job. There’s not a bad track among the ten we’re treated to. ‘Selfish Bones’ has an unforgettable chorus and is made for singalongs at local venues, while ‘Tectonic Plates’ is a quiet, acoustic song of heartbreak and loss.

In contrast, ‘Salt Spring’ has grungier guitars, darker tones, and a more dominant bassline. The only thing separating it from a Brand New song is Lynch’s unmistakably English accent. ‘Good For Me’ changes the sound again, as fast guitars switch through a cappella vocals to a chorus worthy of any popular indie band.

‘Sure Thing’ is a prime example of the theme of the album: an upbeat, toe-tapping melody contrasted with self-deprecating, soul-searching lyrics. It’s what makes Lynch so charming. You feel like you could have a beer at the pub with him and hash out the woes of the world.

A progression from his previous releases, it feels like this Lincolnshire lad really knows what he wants his sound to be and has nailed his niche in the world of the young, English artist. Whether it’s a sorrowful, nostalgic ballad like ‘Youth’ or the optimistic, cheery ‘Prove It!’ it’s likeable guitar pop at its best. Kathryn Black

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