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Pulled Apart by Horses – The Haze

Pulled Apart by Horses – The Haze


Pulled Apart by Horses – The Haze

Boisterous and barmy.

Label: Caroline International
Released: 17th March 2017

Rating: ★★★★

Pulled Apart By Horses’ ‘The Haze’ sees the band in anything but. Yeah, it’s the murkiest, most other-wordly the band have ventured but after a period of question marks, their fourth chapter comes with a renewed sense of purpose. Gone are the expected arena anthems of ‘Blood’ and instead, PABH have returned to doing whatever the fuck they want. With no rule-book, the band could have gone anywhere. And they have.

It’s still boisterous and barmy but there’s a smirking grin to the wig-outs, the boundless riffs and the weird yet wonderful rabbit holes the band tumble down. From the road-tripping ‘Flash Lads’ to the party smashing ‘My Evil Twin’ and out, down the twisted ‘Dumb Fun’, Pulled Apart By Horses have rediscovered that sense of adventure and it can’t come quickly enough. Ali Shutler

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