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Pity Sex – White Hot Moon

Pity Sex – White Hot Moon


Pity Sex – White Hot Moon

There’s no second album slump here.

Label: Run For Cover Records
Released: 29th April 2016

Rating: ★★★★

Shoegaze and melody go together like politics and scandal, and, luckily for Ann Arbor outfit Pity Sex, they have both by the bucketload. With gentle, fuzzy guitars but the drum power of pop punk, their return with ‘White Hot Moon’ is just as powerful as their debut.

The first glimpse at this new record came from ‘What Might Soothe You’, an apt precursor to what you can expect from this second effort. Singer Brennan Greaves’ vocals drift between lazy and dreamy, accentuating the instrumentation style perfectly.

Throughout there are thickened, melodic chords that are powerful, never waning in their draw. ‘Dandelion’ is the most tender cut, with co-singer Britty Drake going solo with just her voice and guitar. It’s poignant and pretty, a nice little break from the peaceful chaos Pity Sex bring.

There’s no second album slump here. Steven Loftin

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