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Petrol Girls – Some Thing EP

Petrol Girls – Some Thing EP


Petrol Girls – Some Thing EP

The antidote for tedious think-pieces claiming music isn’t political anymore.

Label: Bomber Music
Released: 19th February 2016

Rating: ★★★★

South London’s Petrol Girls, self-described as ‘raging feminist post-hardcore’, as well as being known for intense live performances are vocal and dedicated activists. As a result, ‘Some Thing’ does not mince its words. It is deliberate and furious, and justifiably so.

Opening track ‘Slug’, underpinned by sharp, frenzied guitars, is a raw discussion of personal mental health struggles but also represents a pointed anger at the grim political backdrop of violence, austerity and displaced lives.

Dissatisfied with the sidelining of women and their stories to supporting role status, guitarist and vocalist Ren Aldridge delivers the type of candid lyrics Meghan O’Neil (ex-Punch) would be proud of during ‘Protagonist’: “I’m not your manic pixie dream girl, I’m a protagonist.”

The EP culminates in ‘Separated’, a standout track which could be one of the most memorable heavy songs of 2016. Building up from delicate melodies, the breakdown that takes place during the battle cry of “We are all complicit” will completely end you.

Politics aside, Petrol Girls make truly great hardcore and the progression from their 2014 self-titled EP is exciting and encouraging on so many levels. (The first EP is included in the extended CD version of ‘Some Thing’, and is very much deserving of your time if you’re interested in having your face torn off.)

This is punk beyond a shallow aesthetic and an empty threat of rebellion; the antidote for tedious think-pieces claiming music isn’t political anymore, and a convincing call out for more visibility for women in hardcore, more DIY activism, and ultimately a better scene. Kristy Diaz

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