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Paws – No Grace

Paws – No Grace


Paws – No Grace

PAWS come out with fists swinging.

Label: FatCat Records
Released: 17th June 2016

Rating: ★★★★

Spawned from a tour that saw their morale at an all time low, PAWS come out with fists swinging on ‘No Grace’. Under-promoted shows in the US, things stolen, they’re the kind of things that could crack many bands, but instead these happenings act as the groundwork for them defiantly pushing forward.

“Just work hard and be hyperactive,” ‘Impermanent’ declares, one uplifting twang after another. And that they do. The title-track wastes no time in shouting their story, beaten down at times on the road, but doing what you love with those close to you. ‘Complete Contempt’ is loud in all the most enjoyable ways, where ‘Salt Lake’ is primed for the live setting, feeling like it’s been plucked from it.

Through the calmer and cleaner waters of ‘Asthmatic’, they erupt in one blazing farewell that resonates for the whole two seconds until you hit play again. ‘No Grace’ is defiance with distortion around the edges, soaring at times, grabbing at others. It distills the rockier and punk brilliance of their previous work and cranks it up as many notches as the headphones can handle, and then one more for good measure.

They say that Mark Hoppus pushed them to be their best when producing, and it shows. This is PAWS at 100, not an ounce of time missed, not a moment to ponder. With a tour that tested their limits as a band, this album was a case of putting up, or shutting up, and there’s absolutely no question which option they went for. Heather McDaid

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