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Nothing – Tired of Tomorrow

Nothing – Tired of Tomorrow


Nothing – Tired of Tomorrow

Shoegazers scale staggering sonic heights.

Label: Relapse Records
Released: 13th May 2016

Rating: ★★★★★

How do Nothing manage to craft music which is so lackadaisical in composition, but so intense in atmosphere? After trudging out of an avenue which has led them through both insult and injury, ‘Tired Of Tomorrow’ sees the Philadelphian four-piece take their shoegazing wares to breathtaking levels of sonic astonishment.

From the blindsiding swell of ‘Fever Queen’ to the psychedelic swaying of ‘Our Plague’, there is an intoxicating depth of clarity to Nothing’s second album that never contradicts their heart-wrenching noise; the dark and distorted chords spiral elegantly in tandem with lush and lucid charm.

‘Vertigo Flowers’ is remarkably upbeat for Nothing’s brooding standards, pumping the brakes on the 90s shoegaze throwbacks to look slightly further ahead to less-wistful alt-rock tones. It’s a sentiment that’s only revisited once on ‘A.C.D. (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder)’, but the leaner choruses work to euphoric effect.

Dominic Palermo still has a swarm of demons to purge with his lyrics, and while exorcising such intense bursts of emotion would have most people shredding their larynx through gritted teeth and teary eyes, Palermo’s gentle cooing proves all the more invigorating.

A beautifully delicate and heartbreakingly poignant record, ‘Tired Of Tomorrow’ is a bullseye shot to your most tender of feels, and indisputable proof that Nothing are worth something far more than a place in your hearts. Danny Randon

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