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No Devotion – Permanence

No Devotion – Permanence


No Devotion – Permanence

There’s a depth of sound that gives incredible scale to the songs.

Label: Collect Records
Released: 25th September 2015

Rating: ★★★★

Just over a year ago, No Devotion didn’t exist. When the five remaining members of Lostprophets emerged bravely into the public sphere, with ex-Thursday vocalist Geoff Rickly at the helm, no one knew if the project would actually have the legs to make it to an album. Now, we have that debut full-length.

A dominating presence on ‘Permanence’ is the synth work of keys-man, Jamie Oliver. His instrumentation is hypnotic and soothing from the bright sounds on the introduction of opening track ‘Break’, through the seductive rumble on ‘Why Can’t I Be With You’ and finally cascading into synth-anarchy on album closer ‘Grand Central’. The ominous and haunting tones hover throughout, affecting a depth of sound that gives incredible scale to the songs.

Conversely, the presence of Geoff Rickly in this line up is less obvious and seems to best serve in lifting the instrumentation as opposed to being the focal point. Rickly’s vocals are distorted, often sparse and yet powerful. When he reaches an emotional peak on tracks such as ‘I Wanna Be Your God’, his vocals almost echo those of Refused’s Dennis Lyxzen; certainly an exciting prospect when laid over a synth.

Instrumental monolith ‘Death Rattle’ divides the album into two halves. The former is a rather obtuse soundscape, and the latter a slightly more tangible collection of songs which includes the previously released singles, ‘10,000 Summers’ and ‘Stay’. This second half feels clearer, with more definition and is where the anthemic qualities that No Devotion collectively have seem to sit most cohesively. Jack Glasscock

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