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Movements – Feel Something

Movements – Feel Something


Movements – Feel Something

‘Feel Something’ is an assured debut.

Movements - Feel SomethingLabel: Fearless Records
Released: 27th October 2017
Rating: ★★★★

After bursting onto the scene last year with their EP ‘Outgrown Things’, California’s Movements have toured rigorously, winning the over critics and fans alike with their own brand of emo-tinged post-hardcore. Now they unleash a much-anticipated debut album with one purpose in mind, to make listeners feel something.

The record unfolds like a collection of short stories or poems, encapsulating a broad spectrum of life’s experiences. While tales of love and heartbreak are told throughout, the lyrical content is far removed from trite tales of boys that just can’t get the girl. For example, ‘Deadly Dull’ places the listener in the headspace of someone suffering from Alzheimer’s, the unimaginable experience articulated in a track that is anything but dull. This song encapsulates the sound sculpted by the band over the past two years, where quiet verses lead into explosive choruses, and spoken word passages lend thematic heft. The latter element has been wisely underplayed, after all a staggering number of melodic hardcore bands have adopted this style of delivery in recent years.

Vocalist Patrick Miranda is unmistakably the star of the show, his vocals bearing the weight of each songs’ stirring subject matter with character and bravado. Every crack and strain further cements the sincerity of the band’s desire to connect on an emotional level with their listeners. Elsewhere there’s no small amount of imagination in how the rhythm section chooses to fill the spaces between Miranda’s narrative. There’s a tidal quality to the way the band rise and swell around the more intense vocals before retreating into the background.

‘Feel Something’ is an assured debut from the quartet, more than just a showcase of potential, it has enough lyrical depth and rhythmic intricacy to reward multiple listens. Regardless of your experiences in life, with this record on you’d have to be made of stone not to feel something. Brad Thorne

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