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Modern Baseball – Holy Ghost

Modern Baseball – Holy Ghost


Modern Baseball – Holy Ghost

The most introverted Modern Baseball have sounded.

Label: Big Scary Monsters
Released: 13th May 2016

Rating: ★★★★

‘Holy Ghost’, Modern Baseball’s third album, sees a change in approach. The endearing self-deprecation is still very much apparent; the lyricism both earnest and witty thanks to Jacob Ewald and Brendan Luken’s turn of phrase. Yet the laughter that Modern Baseball have used to cut through melancholy over their last two records is missing, resulting in a darker tone. It’s ironic that while this is their first album to use an external producer (Joe Reinhart), it’s the most introverted they’ve sounded.

That’s not to say the new album isn’t great, because it is; the goal posts have been moved. Modern Baseball now angle their trajectory towards the more brooding bands in their scene, like The Wonder Years, which is no surprise given their Philadelphia roots. It’s less of a celebration of adversity that finds comfort in the relatable and much more an exploration of one’s own turmoil, which is compounded in the lack of interchange between vocalist Ewald and Luken. Instead they choose to split the record in half, exacerbating their isolation and commanding the record’s tone. Jack Glasscock

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