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Meat Wave – Delusion Moon

Meat Wave – Delusion Moon


Meat Wave – Delusion Moon

‘Delusion Moon’ hits far more often than it misses.

Label: SideOneDummy
Released: 18th September 2015

Rating: ★★★★

After releasing their ‘Brother’ EP back in January, Chicago’s Meat Wave have wasted little time in bringing us their second full-length, ‘Delusion Moon’.

Usually, such a rapid follow up might be something of a surprise, but with Meat Wave it makes total sense. Very much a vibe-heavy band, pretty much the entirety of ‘Delusion Moon’ sounds like it could’ve come from one jam session. All delivered with the off-kilter punk swagger the band have made their trademark, most of the songs on the record are centred around one musical phrase or vocal hook that’s repeated, built upon, briefly deconstructed and then repeated again.

It’s a simplistic way of doing things, sure, but the band are just about weird enough – it’ll take more than a few listens for the bizarre lunar sub-plot to start making any sense – and incorporate just enough variety, with tracks like the groove-heavy ‘Witchcraft’ and the syncopated idiosyncrasies of closer, ‘The Gay Contempt’ to pull it off without it ever feeling formulaic or becoming predictable from track to track.

That being said, while it might not be predictable, there’s certainly a few moments across the thirteen tracks on the record where a phrase or lyric can feel like it’s been repeated one too many times – with the longer tracks, ‘Sunlight’ especially, finding themselves most susceptible to this.

Still, the energy levels involved even in those parts that begin to drag mean that ‘Delusion Moon’ hits far more often than it misses and apart from maybe having you checking on the track’s time marker a few times towards the end of those tracks, it’s nowhere near enough to detract from how enjoyable this record is. Ryan De Freitas

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