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Max Raptor – Max Raptor

Max Raptor – Max Raptor


Max Raptor – Max Raptor

Brazen confidence and an unmistakable raucous energy.

Label: Hassle Records
Released: 22nd April 2016

Rating: ★★★★

“Your life’s already done in the long run,” Wil Ray screams on ‘Keep The Peace’. Shocking the listener out of their environment and into rousing motivation is one hell of a way to start an album. It’s clear that Max Raptor aren’t afraid to cast a few stones to make their voices heard. Unleashing pent up frustrations at everything from the state of the country to the state of people they encounter, the band are pushing more extremes than ever. Enraged and engaged, their self-titled record is a twelve track plea for people to switch on, tune in, feel the same, and do something about it.

Fuelled by anger and resentment against an apathetic society, the band make every moment count. The record sees the group taking on politics with gang choruses, tackling unrealised potential with stadium-sized guitars. Max Raptor are actualising their aspirations, and inciting everyone to do the same, showing that all you actually need is the will to make some action.

Using a chant along chorus and tumultuous refrains, ‘Big Divide’ acts as a rallying call to arms, whilst lead single ‘Old Romantics’ boasts enough echoing hooks and rolling rhythms to demonstrate the group at their height of their stadium-ready potential. It’s ‘Relic’ that showcases the group at their boldest. Raging every which way over its four minute duration, the energy of this track alone is enough to exhaust. Taking a formula the band have tried and tested over the years, the album propels the group’s sound to brand new proportions.

With a brazen confidence and an unmistakable raucous energy, the album tears through all pretence using a streetwise sensibility and storming refrains. As vital as it is volatile, Max Raptor’s self-titled release speaks to each and every person who plays it. Jess Goodman

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