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Issues – Headspace

Issues – Headspace


Issues – Headspace

Defiantly counter culture but fearsomely current.

Label: Rise Records
Released: 20th May 2016

Rating: ★★★★

Whatever lab they spliced Issues in clearly deals in some out there experiments. On their 2014 self-titled debut they already proved themselves, making palatable dishes from weird and wonderful contrasting flavours. With their difficult second album, they’re still showing no signs of easing up. Nu-metal bass lines injected with fatal doses of funk, guttural roars next to slick, sun kissed vocal licks, their cut and shut take on welding metalcore to chart-bothering R&B may be unconventional, but it’s certainly effective.

Take the delightfully titled ‘Yung and Dum’, switching from gritty assault to melodic, soaring jam on a sixpence, it’s defiantly counter culture but, in the same breath, fearsomely current. It’s there where Issues find their strength. While peers may talk about pushing the boundaries, ‘Headspace’ truly lives in 2016 – crossed channels of the dark basements and sparkling vistas, they drag heaven to hell then tag along for the exchange trip too. Stephen Ackroyd

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