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Into It. Over It. – Standards

Into It. Over It. – Standards


Into It. Over It. – Standards

An album supremely confident in its intentions.

Label: Triple Crown Records
Released: 29th April 2016

Rating: ★★★★

Into It. Over It.’s third full-length doesn’t fit the mould of other albums conceived in a cabin in the woods. Evan Weiss’ stay in a cut-off location in snowy Vermont hasn’t led ‘Standards’ to become insular, stripped-back or quiet – it’s his most fully-formed work yet.

The presence of drummer Josh Sparks at the writing sessions is abundantly clear – his rhythms flow through ‘Standards’ and carry every inch of the record. First single ‘No EQ’ is built around his pulsating drums, and his intricate work makes ‘Required Reading’ a standout.

‘Your Lasting Image’ is the only track here that feels like it was born out of the cabin environment, with Weiss’ voice taking on a new, breathy quality, and proving just as effective.

‘Standards’ doesn’t signal a noticeable reinvention or departure from 2013’s ‘Intersections’ and before, just a natural progression that should be commended. The quieter songs on the record feel closer and more affecting than previous efforts, with the louder ones packing more of a punch. It’s the sign of an artist honing and refining a sound he already knows works, with any of the irrational, out-of-place moments that crept onto ‘Intersections’ and ‘Proper’ eliminated.

The time spent shut away in the snow, which he says improved his work ethic tenfold, has given Weiss the time to create an album supremely confident in its intentions from an artist growing more assured in his sound with every next album. It’s almost what was to be expected from Weiss, but the familiarity and lack of shock doesn’t feel restrictive – it keeps him at the very top of the scene he’s making his own. Will Richards

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