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Vibrant excitement from front to back.

Label: PIAS
Released: 1st September 2017

Rating: ★★★★

INHEAVEN might have started off taking grunge, cutting it with shoegaze and giving it all a bit of sparkle but their glittering self-titled debut is far more colourful than that. Bigger and more powerful than their list of influences normally allows, ‘INHEAVEN’ is forward-facing and with a list of demands. It’s vibrant excitement from front to back.

The opening rattle of ‘Baby’s Alright’ kicks things off, all arms aloft, lungs emptied and hearts full, as the band conjures anthems for a confused youth. Twirling about the place but still maintaining an effortless cool, the group are looking up and out for the world around them. They want something more.

Switching between fiery venom and reassuring calm, the gang are masters of the agile. ‘Vultures’ is about fighting back, with the blood pumping and belief raging, you can almost taste the freedom while ‘Stupid Things’ ignores the whirlwind that surrounds them and focuses on something more intimate, all swelling romance and budding apologies. It’s sprawling but everything the band light up feels important.

From the end of the world and speaking up just to make sure your voice still works to the delicate start of something loving, ‘INHEAVEN’ soundtracks the little moments that make you feel like the centre of everything. Ali Shutler

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