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Heck – Instructions

Heck – Instructions


Heck – Instructions

‘Instructions’ lives up to the band’s hectic persona.

Label: NPAG Industries
Released: 11th March 2016

Rating: ★★★★

Heck have always been a live band, there’s no doubt about that: their shows are formidable, frightening, and always great. They’re experts at embracing the punk rock movement and breaking down the barrier between band and audience. Thankfully, their long awaited debut, ‘Instructions’, lives up to their hectic persona.

Following the name change (RIP Baby Godzilla), it was a fight or flight situation for Heck, and from the first clatter of drums and guitars on ‘Good As Dead’, it’s obvious they’re putting up one hell of a fight. Matt Reynolds’ gruesome vocals are back with a vengeance, this time with scatterings of a melody that weave in and out of their chaotic riffs.

Arguably the most accessible track on the album, ‘The Great Hardcore Swindle’ is a ruckus of dirty guitars that lure the band into post-hardcore territory. As quickly as Heck enter one genre, they rip through another as ‘Totem’ and its doom metal tendencies shows there really is no limitation for the noisy four-piece.

Continuing the brutal assault, ‘Fastback’ crashes in with riff upon riff bellowing through the unrelenting drums and animalistic growls for just over a minute long track; giving lasting impact. To really prove that this band can do it all; the final track is a 15 minute belter built of layers and layers of heavy-Heck-goodness that acts as a reminder as to why fans waited so long for their debut.

For those worried about whether Heck could ever be as good on record as they are live, it’s safe to say they can breathe a sigh of relief. Emily Pilbeam

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