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Grave Pleasures – Dreamcrash

Grave Pleasures – Dreamcrash


Grave Pleasures – Dreamcrash

Complex, a little surreal, and an interesting ride.

Label: Columbia Records
Released: 2nd October 2015

Rating: ★★★

“There is no more frightening and dangerous place on earth than the human mind and how it deals with its own breakdown,” said Kvohst, and it’s with this complicated look at the psyche of seeing humans as a post-apocalyptic species that Grave Pleasures look to leave a mark that surpasses the ashes from which they rose, Beastmilk.

They set off steadily without deviation until ‘Futureshock’ acts as a well-needed caffeine injection, punky and charged, to snap the album from its lethargic drawl, shifting between styles and tempos. The vocals are a bit erratic alongside the last half of the track, but the thrill of being on edge is a neat gearshift. ‘Crisis’ soars along, where ‘Worn Threads’ is full of little jarring intricacies and ‘Girl in a Vortex’ is a real stand out.

Beastmilk’s imprint is still there, but it’s the edges are a little worn off. It’s slower across the board, a touch more relaxed and it doesn’t quite smack you as hard, instead opting for catchier climes.

Hats off though, because while the songs aren’t necessarily in the best order to run fluidly, no two bleed into each other. Humans are odd creatures, and in reflecting that journey each is an individual song in its own right, with no two the same. They take a bit to find their feet, but when they do ‘Dreamcrash’ can be complex, a little surreal, and an interesting ride. Heather McDaid

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