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Gates – Parallel Lives

Gates – Parallel Lives


Gates – Parallel Lives

An album both for the head and the heart.

Label: Pure Noise Records
Released: 3rd June 2016

Rating: ★★★★

“I was working a job where I had to take the subway,” Gates’ Kevin Dye explains on the inspiration for ‘Parallel Lives’. “And I’d constantly see the same person on my morning commute sometimes, or I’d hear a passing conversation, only a sentence or two, and wonder what the rest of their story was. I’d walk past apartment complexes full of people, and know I’d never step foot in their homes or know what their lives were like.”

As concepts go, it’s a strong one. Building a record of differing styles, songs cross-referencing each other, heading this way and that without ever becoming incoherent or disparate, it’s also one that proves remarkably successful. Opener ‘Forget’ sparkles with a reassuring warmth, ‘Penny’ step things up several gears, while the closing title track burns slow and long. ‘Parallel Lives’ is an album both for the head and the heart. Stephen Ackroyd

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