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Garbage – Strange Little Birds

Garbage – Strange Little Birds


Garbage – Strange Little Birds

‘Strange Little Birds’ is hazy and mysterious, but its songs are searing.

Label: Stunvolume Records
Released: 9th June 2016

Rating: ★★★

‘Strange Little Birds’ is the sixth studio album from 90s legends Garbage, and second to be released on their own label, Stunvolume. The record is eerie, debauched and retains that outsider, nonconformist attitude the four-piece are famed for, blending the wisdom of their multi-platinum selling debut with the new wave beats of ‘Beautiful Garbage’.

From the classic rock of lead single ‘Empty’, to the deep seductive trip hop of ‘If I Lost You’ and the whining, brash, fuzzy experimental electronica of ‘So We Can Stay Alive’, ‘Strange Little Birds’ is an effort that shows off Garbage’s unwavering sharpness with their paradoxical self doubt that has always resonated so well.

They might have mixed in contemporary sounds, but the album bellows from a similar mindset the band were in for their self-titled. ‘Strange Little Birds’ is hazy and mysterious but its songs are searing, fitting with the green smoke and leopard “G” that shrouds the album cover. Jasleen Dhindsa

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