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Frameworks – Time Spent EP

Frameworks – Time Spent EP


Frameworks – Time Spent EP

The band feel more focused than ever.

Label: Topshelf Records
Released: 5th January 2016

Rating: ★★★★

With their 2014 debut album ‘Loom’, Frameworks made a firm statement within the scrappy post-hardcore realm internationally, but as satisfyingly chaotic as it was, one thing that record might have lacked at moments was the varied yet still dynamically compelling songwriting that the likes of the similarly-screamo-influenced Touche Amore have perfected. That’s something they’ve improved upon ten-fold on this short-but-sweet EP, in their own way.

In the first moments of ‘Worn Out’ the band instantly feel more focused than ever, launching into a surprising disco beat set to the more familiar shimmering guitars. Vocalist Luke Pate leads an urgent charge of screams which leads to the introduction of electronic beats appearing to jitter in the background, a new addition to Framework’s sonic palette. This is already a massive step up.

Then an even bigger triumph comes – the title-track. Complemented by an organ within its mix, this track sees the four members firing on all cylinders from it’s thunderous refrain to almost the whole of the rest of the song being one dynamic build leading to another, culminating in a huge crescendo of biting and wailing guitars in its latter half. This type of post-rock-influenced broader songwriting across both of these tracks melds perfectly with what the band have down, something they leaned towards previously but never quite hit. If you want an example of how to create an EP that leaves listeners craving more, this is it. James Fox

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