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The Fall of Troy – OK

The Fall of Troy – OK


The Fall of Troy – OK

So much more than ok.

Label: Big Scary Monsters
Released: 15th July 2016

Rating: ★★★★

The Fall of Troy’s new record, their first seven years, is incorrectly titled. It might say ‘OK’ on the cover but it’s missing the following pause for breath and the commanding ‘Let’s Go!’ that should swiftly follow.

Because ‘OK’ isn’t about accepting your circumstances or striving for mediocre. ‘OK’ is about running as fast and furiously as you can towards something better. From the opening riot of ‘401k’, the band use that spirit to burn down everything holding them back. ‘Savior’, on the back of some twiddly complexities, rallies for independence, ‘A Single Word’ is an accusing, pointed finger while ‘Side by Side’ isn’t sure of the future the band find themselves a part of. ‘An Ode to The Masochists’ is as cutting as the title suggests before ‘Your Loss’ demands change. And The Fall of Troy aren’t taking no for an answer.

Given away as a free download, the band claimed ‘OK’ was a gift. From inspirational messages of pursuit to the chameleon nature of the ten tracks that are so much more than ok, The Fall of Troy couldn’t be more correct. Treasure it. Ali Shutler

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