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Evarose – Invisible Monsters

Evarose – Invisible Monsters


Evarose – Invisible Monsters

‘Invisible Monsters’ is a record that gets under your skin.

Label: Self-Released
Released: 24th June 2016

Rating: ★★★★

Evarose all but disappeared while they set about making their debut album but from the theatrical opening of ‘Routes’, ‘Invisibles Monsters’ sees the band make a welcome return.

Forgetting about the hurdles that stood in their way, the band’s first full-length sees them deal with a grander struggle. Sharing a title with a Chuck Palanuik novel originally deemed too disturbing to publish and taking its lead from dark, confronting literature, ‘Invisible Monsters’ is a record that gets under your skin.

From the static of ‘Glitch’, through the literal ‘Breathing Space’ and onto the pointed ‘Someone Else To Blame’, the record looks at the way people interact with one another and tries to find a way to cope with the darkness. It’s an engulfing, all consuming question but there’s a light that never goes out.

‘Provoke Me’ is a rainbow-addled anthem that takes the power back while elsewhere ‘Quicksand’ wrestles with a fight or flight tug of war as the band look to maintain dreams in the face of hopelessness. “I’ve made the decision to fight, I’ve decided to try,” is the destination they settle on, hope intact.

Expanding on every avenue of their sound,  Evarose have stepped it up massively while losing none of their personality. Given space to play, the band have branched out and found a sense of adventurous cinema.

It’s not just the big moments that destroy though. The opening of ‘Telephonic’ is barely whispered but the band’s confidence is deafening and later, the admission of ‘The Cause and The Cure’ knows exactly which heartstrings to tug on.

Across its eleven tracks, ‘Invisible Monsters’ demands the spotlight. There’s an energy throughout the record that sees Evarose charge forward but it’s never uneasy or uncertain. They may be looking to find where they fit in the world but Evarose are looking dead ahead. This is what they wanted, obstacles be damned.  Ali Shutler

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