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Escape The Fate – Hate Me

Escape The Fate – Hate Me


Escape The Fate – Hate Me

‘Hate Me’ doesn’t quite have the focus to pull off the heights it seems to aim for.

Label: ElevenSeven Music
Released: 30th October 2015

Rating: ★★

Leaving beyond the heaviest influences of a band’s inception is indicative of many things. There’s the natural progression, the push for something new, and then there’s the ambition of taking it to a new level, taking on the world. These seem key to Escape The Fate in this next step, with their refusal to give up to haters being central: but instead of keeping their foot on the throttle, it kind of keeps bobbing.

Their songs start off with a murmur, whether it’s the creepy circus vibe of ‘Just A Memory’ or the light electronic twang of ‘Live For Today’; they make you wonder where the song goes with interesting moments that are almost instantly abandoned as they lurch into a song that barely connects.

The opener is as you’d expect from Escape The Fate, but its successor has such an upbeat groove to it, their ambition for a new level is clear. The issue is that most of it sounds a bit like someone else who’s done something similar before. ‘Alive’ and ‘Get Up, Get Out’ breathe life into the record – well crafted and massive, the heavier territory is where they can take it to something bigger. ‘I Won’t Break’ is it – heavy, attacking, channelled – finding a way of elevating them.

‘Let Me Be’ closes in what could be a homage to 5 Seconds of Summer if Brian May was on guitar. That sums it up really. Is it bad? Nah. Is it Escape the Fate? That’s the question. That abandoning of some styles in order to progress into new territory is fine, but when it’s being done so well by the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, this just misses the mark. It has ambition, but not quite the focus to pull off those heights they seem to aim for. Heather McDaid

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