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Echoic – Testify EP

Echoic – Testify EP


Echoic – Testify EP

One pretty good song does not a band make.

Label: Self-released
Released: 23rd October 2015

Rating: ★★

The excitement of starting a new band can be a killer. You’ve written that one track that you can’t get out of your own head, and you’ve psyched yourself up to step out onto that Wembley stage. Hold up, there, sonny Jim.

Echoic could’ve done with holding onto the reigns a little longer. The opening, title-track of their ‘Testify’ EP is gold – stuttering, math-rock inspired riffing and a vocal range that sounds eerily like Brendon Urie’s theatre-school campness it’s a hell of a start. Wembley, here we come.

Elsewhere, though, Echoic’s best intentions are steamrollered by their reliance on settling into the sexless, flat nothing-rock of Mallory Knox and their ilk. It’s paint by numbers – uninspired two-chord riff here, token acoustic ballad there – and it quickly strips the sheen right off what could’ve been a show-stopping standalone single. 

One pretty good song does not a band make. Might be time to get re-acquainted with that drawing board. Tom Connick

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