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Eagulls – Ullages

Eagulls – Ullages


Eagulls – Ullages

More deliberate, more considered, and twenty times more effective.

Label: Partisan Records
Released: 13th May 2016

Rating: ★★★★

The Cure. Best get it out there early. If you’re reading anything about Eagulls’ second album, there’s virtually zero chance you’ll be avoiding that comparison however the band feel about it. The dark, alt-pop shadows of Robert Smith and co. loom large over ‘Ullages’, and it’s glorious. Not a re-tread or lift, it’s instead the deepest of sincere compliments; in a sea of similar, throw-away peers, all of a sudden Eagulls sound at least somewhat like a band for the ages.

From opener ‘Heads and Tails’, the Leeds five-piece are taking a quantum leap. Their edges not exactly smoothed, they’re a different force. More deliberate, more considered, and twenty times more effective – there’s every chance this is the marker for something special. ‘My Life In Rewind’ could be a classic 80s indie gem, the kind of timeless epic upon which still standing counter-cultures were born. We may live in a different, more throw away time now, but with a record this strong you’d not bet against it. Stephen Ackroyd

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