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Downtown Boys – Cost of Living

Downtown Boys – Cost of Living


Downtown Boys – Cost of Living

It drips with attitude and infectious brilliance.

Label: Sub Pop
Released: 11th August 2017

Rating: ★★★★

There’s nothing that beats a bit of good old fashioned punk rock action. That’s something that Downtown Boys know well. ‘Cost Of Living’ opener ‘A Wall’ has barely got out of the traps before it’s throttling listeners around the noggin, demanding attention. Up front, full throttle, it drips with attitude. Attitude and infectious brilliance.

It’s an energy that blasts straight past the language barrier (‘Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas)’). Even when delivered at a more deliberate pace, on the slow building ‘Because You’, the slow tempo can only last so long before ripping down the doors.

A shot of pure adrenaline, Downtown Boys are an antidote to the carefully posed, cynical window of modern life. No time for frills, they’re true to their core. Start the riot. Stephen Ackroyd

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