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Don Broco – Automatic

Don Broco – Automatic


Don Broco – Automatic

Smooth, clean-cut and packed full of funk-sensibilities.

Label: Epic
Released: 7th August 2015

Rating: ★★★

Animosity slotted over synths? Melancholy peppered under pop? More and more rock bands are making it trickier to pigeonhole them. For Don Broco’s latest release, ‘Automatic’, that’s certainly the case. The quartet are dipping into different influences, borrowing elements from the opposite end of the spectrum and allowing a little more tug and pull on the fist-pumping, lad-centric image they portrayed when they first stepped onto the scene in 2008.

From hip swaying, head-bopper ‘Keep On Pushing’ to 80s infused floorfiller ‘Fire’, second album ‘Automatic’ is everything you’d want from a summer release: smooth, clean-cut and packed full of funk-sensibilities.

Tracks like ‘What You Do To Me’ offer a more optimistic Broco, with straight-up lyrics that use frontman Rob Damiani’s own experiences and tell it like it is. Equally, ‘Further’ puts the frills and gimmicks aside, as the band bid farewell to the signature walk they used to perform live.

Of course, the biggest change for the group is that the album marks the first time they’ve recorded together: Tom Doyle joined after their previous release, ‘Priorities’, was finished and has been the driving force behind the shake-up.

Admittedly there’s sure to be some reluctance towards the band’s newfound direction, but who doesn’t love a sultry bassline or two? Emma Matthews

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