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Diet Cig – Swear I’m Good At This

Diet Cig – Swear I’m Good At This


Diet Cig – Swear I’m Good At This

A party where everyone is welcome.

Label: Frenchkiss Records
Released: 7th April 2017

Rating: ★★★★★

“Ready?” questions Alex Luciano a minute into the diary confessional of ‘Sixteen’. Directed at partner in crime Noah Bowman, everyone listening and herself, she doesn’t wait for an answer. Excitement takes over.

There’s a fizzing urgency to ‘Swear I’m Good At This’. Capturing the wacky feel-good disco of their live show and the impatience for a full-length, Diet Cig’s debut doesn’t waste time. Why bother with gradual builds or sugarcoating, when there’s a whole world to meet? If the band have something on their mind or in their heart, it’s coming out. Honest admissions, shitty situations and being done with the bullshit they’ve had to endure, Diet Cig decide to tackle their problems head on. Honesty is at the forefront, deliberate and glitter-doused fun just behind it.  

And as much as Diet Cig reveal of themselves on their debut album, there’s power behind ever word. From the cheery and repeated “fuck off” of ‘Link In Bio’ to the grinning “I know that you’re sorry, I just don’t care” in ‘Barf Day’, ‘Swear I’m Good At This’ is full of mantras, self-belief and the will to face the world no matter what. It’s ok to feel like everything’s simply too much, even the badass confidence of Diet Cig takes a hit on ‘Bathtub’ and ‘Blob Zombie’, but the pair break it down into manageable chunks via a wicked sense of fun and total understanding of what you’re going through. Why be sad when you could be dancing? This album will make you feel invincible.

There’s “something nice about knowing everyone feels hopeless,” reasons ‘Bite Back’. “No one wants to think that they are all alone in this,” and above anything, Diet Cig want to make sure nobody ever feels isolated or excluded. ‘Swear I’m Good At This’ is a party where everyone is welcome, the united front is vital, and that sense of radical togetherness can change the world. We’re ready. Are they? Ali Shutler

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