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Diarrhea Planet – Turn To Gold

Diarrhea Planet – Turn To Gold


Diarrhea Planet – Turn To Gold

A solid effort from an underrated band.

Label: Infinity Cat Recordings / Dine Alone Records
Released: 9th June 2016

Rating: ★★★

Yes, that’s right. Diarrhea Planet. And you know what? They’re actually great, creating music that not only shreds but is melodic enough that it could pass for pop in some alternate reality. Featuring four guitarists, each vying for attention via the medium of ridiculous solos and riffs, they return with their third full-length, ‘Turn To Gold’.

It doesn’t quite have the same exploratory flow that its predecessor ‘I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams’ does, but it’s still filled with expertly crafted tracks. The approach here appears to be aiming for a more consistent sound, piling in the riff and chord-heavy, chugging progressions.

It’s a solid effort from an underrated band. They radiate positivity even when the lyrical content doesn’t call for it, which is never a bad thing. Who needs another sad, sappy song about heartbreak when you can have guitar solos and pounding drums?

With a sound that recalls the 90s – but with absolute conviction, it’s not a cheap facsimile – everything about Diarrhea Planet is authentic, which is exactly what comes across in their recorded material. Steven Loftin

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