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Demob Happy – Dream Soda

Demob Happy – Dream Soda


Demob Happy – Dream Soda

A puzzle of likes and dislikes, an enigma of memories and influences.

Label: So Recordings
Released: 2nd October 2015

Rating: ★★★★

The follow-up to Demob Happy’s first EP ‘Young and Numb’, ‘Dream Soda’ builds on the idea of needing to have a voice. But despite its socially fueled motives, it isn’t an all-guns-blazing, two-fingers-up, call-out to the rest of the world assault. Put the banners and markers away, please. Instead it takes influences from grunge dark horses – aka, the ones who couldn’t care less about the hierarchy.

Tracks like ‘Junk DNA’ and ‘Underneath Your Tree’ are odes to the nineties; a decade that has influenced the band’s DIY approach, whereas ‘Man You’re Wrong’ is equip with Cobain flair. Think moodily-chic snares, gruff riffs and crooning vocals that explore everyday struggles in a work-hard-and-make-do way.

‘Succubus’ sees frontman Matthew Marcantonio explore the travesties of modern-day media in a tongue-in-cheek ramble that’s tied up in a web of the singer’s own problems. Case in point, the questioning of a relationship and need to find love, with: “Television light, makes me feel alright, watching over me, brainwashed by the BBC.”

Topped off with a Sonic Youth haze, the song highlights the reliability of the record and addresses the band’s strongest talent; their knack for turning personal memoirs into relatable anthems. That’s exactly what ‘Dream Soda’ is: a puzzle of likes and dislikes, an enigma of memories and influences and, as far as a debut offering goes, a story that’s only getting started. Emma Matthews

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