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Dearist – This House Has No Windows

Dearist – This House Has No Windows


Dearist – This House Has No Windows

Love, loss and, inevitably, heartbreak.

Label: Close To Home Records
Released: 23rd October 2015

Rating: ★★★

They’re self-ambassadors of the phrase ‘dreamy emo’, but it’s not until you look behind the wince-worthy wordplay and focus on Dearist’s debut full-length that you begin to see why.

From the sombre ‘Blemish’ to painfully pessimistic ‘Fake’ the offering is a cynic’s shoulder to turn too. It’s brash, incredulous and has enough ups and downs to have you sobbing one minute, before thrashing your fists in all directions the next. In many ways it’s that which has allowed the Wolverhampton four-piece to develop their signature as the brooding artist: over-emotional, but relatable for all.

As topics span across love, loss and, inevitably, heartbreak, it’s easy to see where their influences lie. “I had just rediscovered ‘Deja Entendu’ by Brand New and I was trying really hard to write a song in the style of Jesse Lacey,” Adam Binder told Upset pre-release. Job done? Perhaps. Whereas ‘Fix’ embodies the same Brand New-like feistiness, ‘What You Want’ continues the rage with shrill vocals, sharp snares and layers and layers of jagged riffs.

But it’s not all fire and fury. Every album has its loophole and for ‘This House Has No Windows’ it comes in the form of ‘Something Unreal’. Short, sharp and eerie, the song slows down the pace. “Am I something unreal?” belts Binder, with haunting vocals that prove they’re not just another ‘–esque’ band to place in the back catalogue. There’s something else there. Something that bypasses the initial alt rock checklist and makes the song seem rawer and, dare we say, more honest. No, this isn’t just another record that’s regurgitating what’s come and gone. It has its own niche. Emma Matthews

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