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Dasher – Sodium

Dasher – Sodium


Dasher – Sodium

As a debut full-length, ‘Sodium’ is an impressive statement indeed.

Label: Jagjaguwar
Released: 14th July 2017

Rating: ★★★

Can post-punk be catchy? It shouldn’t be, really. But in the case of US four-piece Dasher and their new album, ‘Sodium’, it most certainly is. Taking post-punk experimentation and chucking indie and noise-rock into the pot, Dasher have produced an album that is challenging enough to leave the snobs satisfied, while still being accessible.

‘Sodium’ is also an album that highlights frontwoman Kylee Kimbrough’s star potential; her cry of “You can’t save me” on ‘Teeth’ is devastatingly affecting, as is her vocal performance throughout much of ‘Sodium’, whilst her raucous jabbering on opening track ‘We Know So’ is a feverish start to proceedings. The band at large shine on the impressive title-track, whose slow-burn demonstrates Dasher’s ability to switch things up, yet ‘Sodium’ remains at its best when its creators just go batshit mental, such as on the rabid ‘Trespass’.

There’s a bit of fine-tuning to be done here, but as a debut full-length, ‘Sodium’ is an impressive statement indeed. We’ll be watching their career with great interest. Jake Richardson

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