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Cassels – Hating Is Easy EP

Cassels – Hating Is Easy EP


Cassels – Hating Is Easy EP

Cassels only have a few minutes to gain your attention, but we’re most definitely listening.

Label: Big Scary Monsters / Idiot King Recordings
Released: 6th July 2015

Rating: ★★★★

What can four tracks really tell you about a band? They seem to fly by, but in the case of brothers Jim and Loz Beck, it tells you a heck of a lot.

‘Hating Is Easy’ cuts to the chase on what Cassels offer – a bit of a cataclysm of brashness, tempo and styles. Think early Biffy Clyro’s penchant for mixing anything and everything that sprung to mind but grungier, and you’re on the right line.

Their title-track’s riffs smack of doomsday, lightening the mood midway while the lyrics “I would love you, but loving is scary” ring out. Where the norm would be to fade out, the pace picks up into a new frenzy. Tinder-inspired ‘I Swipe Right’ is pure disillusionment, while ‘666 Feet’ is a two minute ball of punk fury, full of the unpredictable turns that typify the band already rearing their heads. ‘Sights For Sore Eyes’ ends on a high, showing hints of a pop-sensibility that, as they traverse this muddy mix of genres, highlights the level of maturity and eccentricity their song-writing is at already.

Ambitious without frills, ‘Hating Is Easy’ doesn’t care to fit in to one neatly prescribed box. Just when one genre settles on the brain, they shift gear. Cassels only had a few minutes to gain your attention with their EP, but we’re most definitely listening. Heather McDaid

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