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Casey – Love is Not Enough

Casey – Love is Not Enough


Casey – Love is Not Enough

A crushing emotional whirlwind.

Label: Hassle
Released: 23rd September 2016

Rating: ★★★★

South Wales crew Casey have a certain something about them. Many bands go to extremes – brutal and in your face, or deep and meaningful. This lot aren’t for sticking to a single path, though: they’re punching hard and deep in all senses.

Lead track ‘Ceremony’ shows it well. By vocalist Tom Weaver’s own admission, it’s about “realising an extensive period of emotional oppression and manipulation has been suffered under the guise of a sincere relationship”. No dumb shuffle here. It marks out a stunning debut with real heart and soul.

‘Love Is Not Enough’ is a crushing emotional whirlwind capable of levelling the field. Stephen Ackroyd

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