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Brutus – Burst

Brutus – Burst


Brutus – Burst

The trio are kicking up dust and throwing it in the eyes of all that is boring.

Label: Hassle Records
Released: 24th February 2017

Rating: ★★★★★

A debut as savage and unrelenting as their name suggests, Brutus are about as raw as you can get without your ears bleeding. Drums that pound and thrash while guitars speedily flit behind them, ‘Burst’ is filled with more power than a juggernaut on steroids – all the more impressive considering the band is fronted by multitalented singing drummer Stefanie Mannaerts, whose howling and aggressive vocals match her drum style perfectly, neither relenting for the other.

From the opening urgency of ‘March’ to the delayed fury of closer ‘Child’, the album refuses to set you down at any point. Hard rock that at times crosses into metal, ‘Burst’ has enough to keep everyone happy without compromising its core value which is just whatever the fuck they want it to be. While the drums are thunderous and pounding, the guitars wail with incredible speed, thick chords that rally and a bass sound large enough to shake, rattle and roll.

A well-rounded debut from a definite band to watch, the trio are kicking up dust and throwing it in the eyes of all that is inane and boring. Raw and emotive at times, if Brutus keep up this savagery they’ll have no worries in storming 2017. Steven Loftin

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