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Brawlers – The Black EP

Brawlers – The Black EP


Brawlers – The Black EP

A guide to life.

Label: Alcopop
Released: 1st July 2016

Rating: ★★★

Brawlers are breathing the lighter side of life into pop punk: furiously played chords over fast-paced drums, the five tracks on ‘The Black EP’ are a guide to life.

“I just wanna have a good time, I just want to take drugs and be sexy.” The truth never sounded so good in ‘Day Job’. What Brawlers have throughout this EP are an approachability and lyricism that resonates. ‘Growing Up’ is a perfect ode to the current generation’s loss of youth and money, with “I’m drunk, I’m fucking poor” howled during the chorus.

There are also screams for help within ‘Shake Me Into Shape’, trying to convince someone that you’re the one in ‘Do You Believe Me Now?’ and just wanting to be beautiful in the aptly named ‘Better Looking’. There’s something for everyone.

It’s good to have the obvious struggles we all face paired with music that’s goddamn catchy. There’s little variation from the above formula; it’s a consistent agglomeration of bright songs and witty, albeit simple and at times repetitive, lyrical content.

‘The Black EP’ is a strong stepping stone for Brawlers towards their next full-length release. Steven Loftin

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