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Black Veil Brides – Vale

Black Veil Brides – Vale


Black Veil Brides – Vale

Black Veil Brides are re-energised.

Black Veil Brides - ValeLabel: LAVA / Republic Records
Released: 12th January 2018
Rating: ★★★★

With fifth outing ‘Vale’, Andy Black and Co. bring melodies and dark melancholy in full force, giving every track its moment.

The ominous spoken words that grace entry into this new chapter of Black Veil Brides do little to prepare for the onslaught, but they do their job perfectly by scripting the scene – something that BVB have always been kings at. Instantly showing their new potential with true opener ‘The Last One’, it’s as rife with anthem potential as it is unforgiving. The snarl of attitude lying, prowling, beneath its surface – a constant modus operandi which runs through ‘Vale’ like a lifeline vein.

While the metalcore assault may be the driving force, it’s the deliverance that creates the staying power. Lyrics evolve into sermons, which Andy serves to the masses. They feel like open wounds, proud and with distinction. When ‘They Call My Name’, with its chugging guitars carving the way for the massive chorus, you can already hear the loyal legions repeating back to the band like a call to arms.

Across ‘Vale’ is a re-energised Black Veil Brides, seeing them create melodies that are one step away from breaking through your speakers and eroding the ground around you. Searing guitar solos, thunderous drums, rumbling bass the commanding call of Andy Black – Black Veil Brides have taken things to the next level. Steven Loftin

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