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Beartooth – Aggressive

Beartooth – Aggressive


Beartooth – Aggressive

Beartooth’s time is now.

Label: Red Bull Records
Released: 3rd June 2016

Rating: ★★★★

It’s not a subtle title, is it? ‘Aggressive’ – the new album from Beartooth – is by nature as it is by name: loud, angry and impossible to ignore. It’s metalcore at its finest, and full of the tropes you’d expect. From the instant scream of the intros to the double pedal drums and roaring riffs, the Ohio foursome mean business.

Spitting venom with every word of ‘Loser’, lead vocalist Caleb Shomo proves his vocal strength as he screams his way through the defiant, screw-you anthem for anyone who’s ever felt they don’t fit in. ‘Hated’ follows the same sentiment, the “who knew you’d be hated for being who you are?” hook accompanied by thrashing guitars and flawless, melodic vocals that seamlessly transition between growling and more tuneful moments.

‘Fair Weather Friend’ and ‘Censored’ encompass the heavier side to their sound and ‘Burnout’ and ‘Always Dead’ – all growling, shout-along vocals and visceral breakdowns – were made to be noticed.

It’s an undoubtedly hardcore sound, but at no point does it veer away from the melodic or structured. The chugging guitars, racing tom drums and ferocious, guttural screams are always matched with a tuneful, singalong chorus. From the opening title track to the trudging ‘King Of Anything’, not a moment passes without massive bursts of energy and exciting twists and turns. Beartooth’s time is now. Kathryn Black

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