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Babymetal – Metal Resistance

Babymetal – Metal Resistance


Babymetal – Metal Resistance

Utterly bizarre, but what do you really expect?

Label: earMUSIC
Released: 1st April 2016

Rating: ★★★★

Babymetal’s debut album was a sugar-coated burst of challenging vibrancy. Gleefully skipping between the ridiculous and the fun alike it caused intrigue, discussion and excitement but now, one year later, Babymetal can’t get by on curiosity alone. It’s a good job then that ‘Metal Resistance’ takes the playful spirit of their debut and builds a daring, colourful world around it.

From the opening squeal of guitars on ‘Road To Resistance’ through the glitching drop of ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ and on until the grand conclusion of ‘The One’, ‘Metal Resistance’ embraces countless conflicting worlds and brings them together under the Babymetal umbrella. It makes for a heady listen. What could quickly descend into a confusing mish-mash of stuff is somehow threaded together to form a sonic narrative. It’s utterly barmy, totally different and wonderfully joyous. We’re calling it now; you won’t hear another album like this all year.

Despite the technicolor assault the likes of ‘Tales of The Destinies’ and ‘Awadama Fever’ provide, ‘Metal Resistance’ is a richly textured body of work. ‘No Rain, no Rainbow’ is wistful and reflective while ‘GJ’ sees the band balancing the epic with the intimate. There’s a passion behind every twist and ludicrous turn.

Make no mistakes, ‘Metal Resistance’ is utterly bizarre – but what do you really expect from a band who worship a fox god? Fully embracing their role on the outskirts of the wider community, Babymetal turn the rulebook inside out and toss it aside. There’s no time to worry about what people might think when there’s fun to be had. ‘KARATE’ stomps about the place, knowing exactly where each foot will fall while ‘YAVA!’ is a hyperactive bout of unpredictability.

High-kicking, arm-swinging and relentlessly daring ‘Metal Resistance’ is sheer entertainment. Wide-eyed and optimistic, Babymetal have caught up with their runaway momentum and grown into something that’s thankfully here to stay. Ali Shutler

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