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Augustines – This Is Your Life

Augustines – This Is Your Life


Augustines – This Is Your Life

An evolution on their heart on sleeve, hands in the dirt sound.

Label: Caroline International
Released: 10th June 2016

Rating: ★★★

The third outing from Brooklyn-based Augustines sees them developing and evolving around the heart on sleeve, hands in the dirt sound that’s treated them so well before, singer William McCarthy utilising his life experiences to put listeners in the passenger seat with him.

What is noticeably different come the second track, ‘When Things Fall Apart’, is the use of electronic instruments. Having been utilised in some format on previous records, this is the most pronounced they have sounded.

The guitars are still furious and determined, the drums are still thunderous, but this added element creates a new dynamic that pushes forward the statements and melodies they posit.

Turning from straightforward rock to pleasant americana and even a touch of Sengalese vocalists on ‘May You Keep Well’, itself turning from a slow build of just solitary guitar and drum into a tribal sound just as follow up track ‘Landmine’ does.

Across the album there are vast soundscapes that almost simulate physical locations that you can picture McCarthy travelling through. Taking this kind of real world experience and putting it to music is a sign that Augustines have a gift in building upon times that would see many crumble. Steven Loftin

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