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3OH!3 – Night Sports

3OH!3 – Night Sports

3OH!3 – Night Sports

Embarrassingly cringy.

Label: Fueled By Ramen
Released: 13th May 2016


3OH!3 really should have stopped being a thing after third album ‘Streets Of Gold’; the only enjoyable thing the band have done in the past six years. ‘Night Sports’ is their fifth album, and first since signing to Fueled By Ramen. Don’t get your hopes up though, despite now being label mates with Against The Current, Paramore and Panic!, ‘Night Sports’ is everything you’d expect from a band who had their prime creating 00s electro pop rock.

A lot of ‘Night Sports’ is embarrassingly cringy, with tracks like ‘My Dick’ and ‘BASMF’. Yes, being fun and having a good time might be at the heart of whatever 3OH3! do, but it seems that they’ve forgotten how to create cheesy guilty pleasures, and now write tracks that are just plain awful and would only appeal to a 12-year-old blasting it from the back of the bus on his phone.

There are, believe it or not, some positive points, with twinges of PBR&B on ‘Freak Your Mind’ and ‘Claustrophobia’ a la The Weeknd and recent Timberlake. It’s a shame really, because 3OH!3 – like their peers Cobra Starship and Metro Station – had a thoroughly enjoyable niche going, which seemed to die when the 00s ended. Jasleen Dhindsa

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